Kidswise Membership gives you access to a multitude of downloadable resources

Kidswise Membership is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to teach school-age children (ages 5-11). Resources include: lessons, crafts, audio and more. This includes over 1350 resources!

A yearly subscription gives everyone in your church or school access to the material to use and reproduce as long as they aren't used to make a profit.

“I love using Kidswise material.
Firstly, it centres everything: talks, games, songs, activities and discussions all around one clear main point from the Bible. Secondly, it is a great resource for my leaders. It gives them more than enough age appropriate material to use each week.”
Eryn-May - ANGLICAN CHURCH - Perth. Australia

"Our school has been built on the resources found on Kidswise.
We have utilised everything off of this site - mini movies, power points, dramas, lessons and memory verses and it has left both Sunday School teacher and child very excited about what they have learnt."
Jeanine - REACH SA - Cape Town. South Africa

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