About Kidswise

Kidswise loves to resource and equip people to speak God’s truth to all kids everywhere.

We value Clarity. Teaching gospel truth to children begins with clarity - big ideas captured in child-friendly language - then meaningfully packaged, giving every child an opportunity to hear and understand

We are Optimistic. We believe that complex truths can be taught to the very young and that the gospel is indeed powerful to save. God opens the hearts of the young and old alike.

We seek to be Creative.  We seek to creatively engage kids with the truth.

We apply the Truth.  God’s truth calls for response: faith, repentance, obedience. Our resources and training aren't just about teaching knowledge but about applying the truth to hearts and minds.

The Kidswise Team

Sandy Galea : Author + Trainer 

Jean Cousins : Manager

Lydia Johnson : Training Manager

Amy Song : Graphic Designer

Joan Cooke : Editor

Jo Bailey : Editor

About Sandy

Sandy's parents spoke truth into her life from birth, and their passion for Jesus had a profound impact on her. She came to faith at age ten after a leader on a Beach Mission asked if she was a Christian. This was the first leader who asked her where she stood. Sandy doesn't remember her name, but is eternally grateful for her and that she knew how to explain the gospel so clearly.

School was a struggle. Reading out loud was painful and Sandy was embarrassed about her spelling. For Sandy, Sunday school was much the same; full of reading and writing activities. She would always say to herself, “Don’t pick me! Don’t pick me!” as the leader looked around for someone to read the Bible. 

This lack of literacy and the feelings of inadequacy instilled in Sandy a concern for children who struggle as she did - either because English is not their first language or because of literacy issues. This has shaped her both as a teacher and a writer and given her a great passion to speak God’s truth into the lives of children.