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The Kidswise Model

The programs provided by Kidswise reflect the model used at Sandy’s church.

Children's Church (Sunday School)


Under-Fives Programs

Children not yet at school are registered into their programs ten minutes before the service begins. Children begin in Toddlers (1 and 2 year olds) then move into Pre-school (3 and 4 year olds). Pre-school programs are available in the Kidswise Shop. Toddler programs will be available in the Kidswise Shop from 2016 onwards.

Click here to download a sample Children's Church Pre-school overview, story and program


School-Age Programs

Children from Kindergarten to Year 5 (5 to 11 years) join the adults for the beginning of the service. A kid’s talk (usually a story) is presented during this time. This unpacks the big idea of the passage being taught that day (note: the same passage of scripture is also unpacked for the adults in the sermon later in the service). The kid’s talk is one way we aim to equip parents on a weekly basis, giving them the language with which to discuss big ideas from scripture with their child. At the end of the kid’s talk, children move to their age groups and continue to explore this big idea through a variety of activities. When children reach Year 6 they graduate into a youth program. Programs for school-age children are available in Kidswise Membership.

Click here to download a sample Children's Church school-age unit overview, talk and program

Click here for a complete list of school-age programs available in Kidswise Membership

Mid Week Programs



This is a mid-week outreach program for families with children not yet at school (1 to 4 year olds). The program is theme based, and has a few Bible stories programmed each term appropriate to the theme. Playtime programs are available in the Kidswise Shop.


Kids Club

This is a weekly games-based outreach program for children in years 3 to 6 (aged 8 to 11 years). Kids Club programs are available in the Kidswise Shop.

Click here to download Kids Club overview and sample program


Holiday Programs


Holiday Club

These are four-day, outreach programs for school age children (aged 5 to 11 years) based on themes. Holiday Club programs are available in the Kidswise Shop.


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