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Answering Questions Kids Ask About Heaven

Answering Questions Kids Ask About Heaven

#1: What is heaven? 
Heaven is where God is. That’s why we pray… Our Father in heaven… Heaven is also where God’s people go to be with him. When Jesus comes back, God will make a new heaven and new earth and God will come down and live with us. 

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Ten Tips On Developing A Generous Heart In Kids

#1: Allow Scripture to shape your child’s attitude about their possessions from an early age. Everything we have is His. He made it. He owns it. It’s all His. (James 1:17) From an early age, encourage your child to be generous with what God has given them. Encourage them to share their toys and possessions. Some children naturally share, whereas others find this difficult. No matter the disposition of your child, expect your child to share with others.

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Ten Tips On Helping Kids Welcome Kids

#1: Teach your child (from scripture) that they have two families - the one they were born into and God’s big family (our church family). And every member of our church family is important and special.

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Ten Tips On Shaping Your Child’s Attitude To Church

#1: Make church a priority in your weekly family calendar. Children know how important school is because they have to go unless they’re sick. Communicate how important it is to meet with God’s people by only missing church for either sickness or family holidays.

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Ten Tips On Developing A Heart For The Lost In Kids

#1: Your family is your first mission field. Share Jesus with your kids. As you read the Bible and pray with your children, balance between talking to your kids about turning to Jesus, and living for Jesus. As children grow it’ll become clearer whether they’ve understood God’s good news - it’s not what we’ve done, but what Jesus has done for us.

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