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Ten Tips On Reading The Bible With Children

#1 It’s never too early to begin reading the Bible to children. From a very young age establish the routine - Bible, bath, bed (or bath, Bible, bed).

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From Consumers To Contributors

We seem to be good at making little consumers in our churches. Kids who are used to being served rather than serving, receiving rather than giving.

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Ten Tips On Addressing Kids Fears And Doubts

#1: Be ready:
Children, just like adults, will go through periods of doubt. Disbelief is the lot of the non-Christian, periods of doubt is the experience of the Christian. So expect that your children will go through periods of doubt just like you.

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Ten Tips On Encouraging Inner Beauty In Girls

#1. Use the word ‘beautiful’ to 
describe godly behaviour in your daughter or the women around them. ‘It was beautiful when you shared your toys.’ ‘Saying sorry is beautiful to God.’ ‘That woman is such a beautiful woman. She always looks out for people who are sitting by themselves at Church.‘ Try not to use the word to describe outward appearance.

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Character Before Competence

In order for children’s ministry to grow, an army of faithful disciple makers needs to be raised up… thus ended my last blog. The raising of this army of volunteers is the most stressful aspect of leading a children’s ministry. It is also the most crucial in establishing an effective children’s ministry.

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