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Ten Tips Booklet

A collection of Ten Tips has been formated into a booklet. The Ten Tips aim to equip parents and grandparents in discipling their children/grandchildren. The booklet is available as a free download in Kidswise Membership. Multiple copies of these booklets can be printed in full and distributed for free. Booklets can not be sold for profit.


Ten Tips On Talking To 
Your Children About Sex

#1: The conversation between parent and child about sex/sexuality should begin when children are young and continue through to adulthood. The first messages your child hears about sex can powerfully shape your child’s view. So aim to be the first to talk with them about it. Remember, repetition is crucial.

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Ten Tips On Keeping Kids Safe In A Cyber World

#1: Think as a family about how you can use the internet to reflect Biblical principles and values. Look back at these again and again, so your children understand why we do what we do. Do you "like" sites with wholesome material? With wholesome names?

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Ten Tips On Helping Kids Meditate On And Memorise Scripture

#1: Purchase a family devotions book that focuses in on one verse and helpfully unpacks it for children (e.g. Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing, by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Short Steps For Long Gains Family Edition, by Simon Manchester).

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Answering Questions Kids Ask About Heaven

Answering Questions Kids Ask About Heaven

#1: What is heaven? 
Heaven is where God is. That’s why we pray… Our Father in heaven… Heaven is also where God’s people go to be with him. When Jesus comes back, God will make a new heaven and new earth and God will come down and live with us. 

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